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From Publishers Weekly This parable about mercy and empathy asks readers to look at life from an insect's point of view. The text consists of the lyrics of a song performed by the Hooses (Phillip Hoose is the author of It's Our World, Too!; Hannah Hoose is his teenage daughter); the melody is appended. A boy converses with the tiny ant he wants to squish. Pleading, You are very much like me, the ant explains he has a family and community dependent upon him. The kid, in turn, argues, Anyone knows ants can't feel, and he even cites peer pressure: But all my friends squish ants all day.... They're looking at meAthey're listening too./ They all say I should squish you. Tilley's (Dinosaur Dinner) cartoony color sketches supply welcome comic relief from this labored exchange. A bipedal ant approaching a picnic is shown wearing a burglar's mask, a bulging burlap sack slung over his shoulder; the boy is pictured reading by flashlight under the covers, while the ant nestles between his own two children to read them a bedtime book. The Hooses signal their intent to inspire discussion by ending with a query to the reader: What do you think that kid should do? While some baby boomer parents may appreciate the Hooses' earnestness, it's doubtful that their kids will. Ages 4-8. Copyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc. Read more From School Library Journal PreSchool-Grade 2-Based on a song, this occasionally stilted narrative has a message: respect all creatures and their right to live. A bespectacled ant, loaded down with two shopping bags, is confronted by a human youngster intent on stepping on him. Before the boy can carry out his threat, the ant begs him to reconsider. Each double-page spread is devoted to one character expressing his opinion in the life vs. death debate. The brightly colored, full-page cartoon illustrations, rendered in pen, ink, and watercolor, capably convey the obvious differences and the surprising similarities of the two main characters. The boy is urged to look at things from the ant's point of view before deciding on his course of action. The tale's conclusion is open-ended as readers are asked, What do you think that kid should do? The accompanying picture shows a huge sneaker posed above the tiny ant. The music and verses appear on the last page of this tepid tale that could lead to discussions concerning bullies and/or the protection of other species.Maryann H. Owen, Racine Public Library, WICopyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc. Read more See all Editorial Reviews