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From the Inside Flap Dancing! Prancing! Running! Jumping! Spinning like a top.When I'm active, I feel GREAT! And never want to Stop.So exclaims a child alive with joy in her physical self. Some children, like this one, rush headlong into their world; others, equally joyous but perhaps a little more cautious, hand back and watch for a bit. All of them, regardless of their temperament, have to choose how they will respond to the events and people in their lives.Young school children are eager to figure out how their world works and what its rules are. The Way I Act is an enjoyable exploration of what it may be like to behave in certain ways. The door is opened for discussion about the consequences of behavior. In the companion book, the Way I Feel, children learned that feelings come and go and simple are. A little older now, they are ready to think about the ability thay have to control how things turn out.The Way I Act explores thirteen ways of behaving. The friendly verses and bold illustrations convey to the reader many positive ideas of how to act in a variety of situations. Janan Cain is an illustrator and graphic designer who lives near Chicago in riverside, Illinois, with her two daughters and her husband. Emily and Isabella were the inspiration for her first children's book, The Way I Feel, when they were small children. Now as teenagers, they know a great deal bout choosing how to act in many different situations. They share their mother's love of art, animals, and horseback riding.Steve Metzger, his wife, and their daughter, Julia, live in New York City. Steve is an editorial director with Scholastic's Book Clubs division, where he lives and breathes children's books. He has also written a bushel of books for kids, many published by Scholastic. As a former school teacher, Steve has always been fascinated by how children decide what to do in any given situation. One of his favorite ACTivities is to read to his daughter, introducing her to wonderful books, new and old.A Note to Teachers, by Steve Metzger, on the use of The Way I Act in the classroom, is available at Read more About the Author Steve Metzger  taught preschool for several years, then worked at Scholastic, where he ran school book clubs and created more than 60 children’s books. Janan Cain  is the creator of the popular ‘Way I’ children’s picture book series, with over two million copies in print. Janan grew up in Darien, Illinois, with a deep passion for drawing and painting. Her 30-year career as an illustrator and author spans a range of accomplishments, from illustrations for corporate campaigns and consumer packaging, to branding and communication design for Fortune 500 companies. In 1993, Janan left the corporate world to raise her two daughters. She wanted to teach them words for their feelings but couldn’t find picture books for young children dealing with the complexities of emotions in a straightforward way that children could grasp. Tapping into her passion as an illustrator, she decided to create her own book and with that, her first picture book, ‘The Way I Feel’, was born. With over 2,000,000 copies in print, The Way I Feel is among the best-selling children’s picture books of all time winning numerous awards and accolades. Janan also wrote and illustrated Lost and Alone and co-created The Way I Act with Steve Metzger. Read more